Volunteering & Community Service

Volunteering & Community Service

Over the past few years of high school, Tejas has immersed himself into community service, amassing over 850 total hours of service.

Tejas has volunteered at organizations such as Hephzibah Childrens Home, Morningside Assisted Living Residence, Coliseum Northside Hospital, and the Red Cross.

Tejas volunteers on almost a daily basis– community service has become an integral part of his life. For his efforts, Tejas has been recognized by organizations such as the Prudential Spirit of Community Awards and the American Heart Association.


Fundraising Activities

Tejas is the Regional Fundraiser Coordinator for the Mayan Hands and BeadForLife nonprofit fundraiser endeavors. Over the last 3 years, these projects have raised over $6,500 in order to empower Guatemalan and Ugandan women through education, financial support, and other means.

Mayan Hands is a fair trade nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering Mayan women in their quest to bring their families out of extreme poverty as they continue to live within the culture they cherish. When provided economic opportunity, education, and income over time, women can build sustainable futures for themselves, their families and communities.

BeadforLife is a nonprofit organization devoted to helping women living in poverty become self-sustaining entrepreneurs. The affiliated fundraiser program focuses on helping women by providing enough money for their education, building their confidence and belief in themselves, and giving them the skills and knowledge to start businesses that will sustain their families. This is a cost-effective and scalable opportunity for women living in poverty to become successful business owners.


Medical Outreach Clinics through HOSA

As Chapter Founder and President of the Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA) club at his high school, Tejas’ primary project has been directing and organizing medical outreach clinics in the local community, including places such as assisted living facilities and nursing homes.